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High temperature thermal wells, such as those in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD), demand unique treatment to be successful. While SAGD wells have proven to be economical, the corresponding formation damage can plug the path to the lower wellbore and prevent efficient resource recovery. The extreme conditions, such as high temperatures present in these wells can cause typical additives to break down, increasing steel piping system corrosion and precipitation of scale. We have developed a number of acid solutions specifically designed to remove these kinds of formation damage so you can optimize production, even in high temperature well applications.


An effective solvent for organic scales with high asphaltene content, but is also effective for waxy deposits.

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This blend is not only an effective solvent, but also has the ability to disperse high melting point and low solubility...

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Thermal Acid Solutions

Trican has developed acid solutions specifically designed to remove scale deposits in high temperature well...

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