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What is Cementing?

Cementing is one of the most important operations performed on a well in order to ensure complete zonal isolation, aquifer protection, and the structural integrity of the wellbore. Without it, the well may never reach its full production potential, and liquids from one zone could interfere with, or be lost to, another. After drilling a well, steel pipe - called casing - is inserted into the hole. Cement is then pumped down the pipe and circulated up the annulus to create a strong barrier of protection between the well and rock formations. 


Our greatest strength in cementing is our experience. We combine extensive technical and field knowledge with state-of-the-art tools, equipment, formulations, and ongoing research and development to give you the properties and the strength you need for zonal isolation and casing support. 

Pre-Flushes and Spacers

Pre-flushes and spacers are an important step to achieving zonal isolation in a wellbore. For a cement slurry to...

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Surface Cementing

Surface casing plays an essential role in aquifer protection and well control. This steel pipe casing is positioned...

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Intermediate Cementing

Intermediate casing involves installing steel pipe inside a drilled well after the surface casing is cemented in...

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Production Cementing

Production casing is installed across the hydrocarbon-producing zone of a wellbore. This steel pipe casing commonly...

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Liner Cementing

A liner is a casing string that hangs or extends from another casing string, rather than extending from the wellhead...

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Horizontal Cementing

Increasingly common, E&P operators are transitioning from drilling vertical wells to drilling a majority of...

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Cement Plugs

Cement plugs are used in various formations to create a permanent barrier in the wellbore. Cement plugs may be...

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Remedial/Squeeze Cementing

Wellbore integrity is a crucial part of the oil and gas industry. While primary cementing aims to achieve zonal...

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Lost Circulation

Cement that is lost to the formation, called lost circulation, can be an issue before, during and after cementing in...

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Cement Design Solutions

Our cementing experts use advanced simulation software and reliable technical design to create effective solutions...

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Laboratory Solutions

Our engineers and operational groups are backed by a team of qualified researchers and lab technicians. Working out...

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Cementing Inquiries

Need more information about cementing? We're at your service.


We develop innovative and fit-for-purpose cementing equipment complemented by technologically-advanced, proprietary cement blends and chemistry. Our cementing equipment features climate controlled, enclosed operator cabs, mass flow meters, re-circulating mixers and DAS (data acquisition systems) that record all job parameters in real time. We use a high-energy, dustless, closed mixing system that yields extremely accurate cement densities, while eliminating the environmental and health hazards associated with using older style ground-mixing systems.

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