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What is Coiled Tubing?

Coiled tubing is a continuous length of steel pipe, spooled onto a large diameter reel. The pipe comes in a variety of sizes and can be run into any well. Coiled tubing is commonly used to convey tools, and circulate liquids and gases into and out of the wellbore without relieving the wellbore pressure.  


Providing expert coiled tubing services, we have the reel and injector capacity to run to the bottom of wells that are more than 6,000 m (20,000 ft) deep. Each job is subject to technical analysis by our in-house engineers, including force analysis and hydraulic modeling. With the option to transmit data in real-time, our customers can monitor the well response to treatment and make changes on-the-fly to optimize performance.

Coiled Tubing Fracturing and Acidizing

Coiled tubing fracturing and acidizing gives you the ability to selectively stimulate multiple zones with...

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Specially Designed Tools

Our expert team of coiled tubing tool developers is dedicated to the design, assembly, commissioning, and testing of...

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In-House Engineering

Coiled tubing is not a “one size fits all”. Using a variety of examination methods including force analysis and...

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Well Cleanouts

The accumulation of sand, paraffin deposits, sediments and other debris can block flow in a wellbore and undermine...

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Milling uses downhole tools and fluids to remove material from equipment and tools in the wellbore. Our experienced...

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High Pressure Jetting

High pressure rotating jetting tools deployed on coiled tubing are used for a variety of stimulation and cleanup...

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E-Coil (Smart Coil)

Our e-coil (Smart Coil) can be used to convey any type of logging tools and downhole video cameras, giving you real-...

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Nitrogen Gas Lifting

Impairments to production aren’t always the result of scale buildup or debris. Heavy fluids can accumulate in a...

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Production Enhancement

Coiled tubing can be used as a conduit to place matrix acidizing, fracturing, and...

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Coiled Tubing Inquiries

Need more information about coiled tubing? We're at your service.


Our state-of-the-art coiled tubing equipment is specifically designed to provide cost-effective solutions for well intervention operations. Our fleet has the capacity to achieve success in a diverse range of applications, from shallow to deep wells, with a variety of tubing sizes and depth capabilities. With real-time data recording and modeling/design software, and climate-controlled operating cabs featuring electronic displays, we monitor critical surface parameters while the job is underway to ensure you get the results you need for optimized resource recovery.



We offer a wide array of motors to help our customers optimize reservoir...

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Mills & Bits

Our Research and Development team has developed fit-for-purpose mills for...

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Extended Reach BHA

The extended reach BHA tool uses a cycling valve that momentarily interrupts...

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Multi-Lateral Wells - Navigator™

The Navigator™ is a multi-lateral re-entry tool that enables selective access...

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Bottomhole Assembly (BHA) Components

We offer a wide array of BHA components. Our portfolio includes: Coiled tubing...

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High Pressure Jetting Technology

Our high-pressure jetting tools deployed on coiled tubing can be differentiated...

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