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Reservoir access is essential to the exploitation of unconventional oil and gas, and rock mechanics play a fundamental role in unlocking these resources. Our rock mechanics and geomechanical testing give you information critical to understanding in-situ stresses, ensuring borehole stability, caprock integrity, and optimized fracture design.

  • Rock core profiling - combining fabric and fracture characterization with non-destructive mechanical hardness testing on whole core or slabbed sufaces
  • Triaxial tests carried out under reservoir conditions with state-of-the-art servo controlled testing systems, using a range of sample sizes from sidewall core plugs to full diameter core
  • Acoustic properties measurement during triaxial testing for dynamic mechanical properties and sonic log calibration
  • Direct shear testing
  • Rock-fluid interactions with fracture conductivity, permeability, and proppant embedment testing under reservoir conditions with formation or completion fluids
  • Analytical and numerical modeling from pore-scale to full-field multi-well models