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We believe that sharing knowledge is a fundamental part of achieving success and creating an innovative oil and gas industry. That’s why we provide comprehensive unconventional reservoir evaluation programs and events, designed with learning in mind.  

Technical Seminars

Our technical seminars are focused on geological analyses in unconventional oil and gas reservoirs. These 1 – 2 day seminars discuss the most talked about issues facing reservoir evaluation such as soak time, permeability, rock mechanics, geochemical profiling, emerging research, and new technologies.

Short Courses

Our short courses feature oil and gas industry leaders discussing the geology and engineering unique to unconventional exploration and development. Specifically designed for exploration, development and production engineers and geologists, courses provide comprehensive coverage on current practices, challenges and opportunities.

Core Workshops

Our core workshops are designed to give members of the oil and gas industry a detailed understanding of the characteristics, variability, opportunities and challenges of unconventional formations.