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Accurately determining in-situ rock properties is essential to achieving production goals. Often, on-site sampling and early analysis play key roles in understanding oil and gas reservoirs. Our portable analytical labs give you access to in-place core analysis, along with the ability to preserve samples for further testing at our geological labs. On-site core analysis includes:

Gas Composition

  • Gas samples collected from desorption canisters and analyzed for composition
  • Data used for gas in place modeling, gas oil ratio, and liquids yield modeling

On-Site Core Description

  • Core is described and photographed after retrieval to provide immediate information for drilling/coring
  • Core video and photos can be taken to provide visual examinations

Core Slabbing

  • Slabbing saw used for instant viewing of sedimentary structures/features, and to cut core slabs for archiving

Core Collection and Transport

  • Samples are selected and preserved on-site by vacuum sealing, plastic wrapping, waxing and/or refrigeration to prevent moisture loss and physical damage