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Providing coiled tubing tools and services for a broad range of applications, we offer fit-for-purpose solutions for multistage fracturing operations.


Milling uses downhole tools and fluids to remove material from equipment and tools in the wellbore. Our experienced team performs an in-depth analysis of your unique well conditions to determine the right techniques to get the best results. With a complete portfolio including BHA components, motors, mills/bits, extended reach tools, water bypass subs MGS™ (Motor Gas Separator), fishing tools, shifting tools and junk basket tools, we clear the way for better production.

Milling services include:

  • Frac plug milling
  • Frac port milling
  • Stage tool/debris sub milling
  • Cement milling
  • Casing confirmation runs
  • General debris removal – including bridge plugs and scale 

Well Cleanouts

The accumulation of sand, paraffin deposits, sediments and other debris can block flow in a wellbore and undermine oil and gas production. Coiled tubing can be used to clean the wellbore and restore production. Debris management tools or fluids such as water, hot oil, methanol, acids and solvents are conveyed through coiled tubing to help clean the wellbore and remove the debris blocking production. Nitrogen gas can also be mixed with the liquid to reduce the hydrostatic pressure applied to the formation and achieve an underbalanced condition. Our experienced engineers conduct a thorough analysis to determine proper job design including pump rates and pressures, pull-out-of-hole (POOH) speeds, debris material, and downhole tools. 

Nitrogen Gas Lifting

Impairments to production aren’t always the result of scale buildup or debris. Heavy fluids can accumulate in a wellbore, restricting the flow of oil and gas. Using coiled tubing or a “kick around” with jointed pipe (production tubing), nitrogen can be circulated through the wellbore to lift the heavier liquids out and improve production. Nitrogen gas lifting can also be used to remove spent acid following a stimulation treatment.

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