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Dust control on well completions locations has been traditionally mitigated with PPE such as personal respirators. These respirators decrease the risk to personnel associated directly with sand operations. More recently, protection against sand fines has been extended beyond just sand operators with the use of vacuum systems. Used mostly on large-scale jobs, these systems have improved the overall air quality on location, but are not helpful during transportation and product handling. Now there is a solution to lessen the risks associated with silica dust exposure across the entire sand logistics chain. It’s called CleanProp™.

CleanProp decreases the silica dust released from sand as it moves through its various stages: transport, handling and pumping operations. Applied directly to the proppant, CleanProp provides an extra layer of protection to operational personnel, and limits the overall silica exposure to persons involved during the proppant’s transportation and handling cycles. Additionally, CleanProp protects the environment and surrounding communities from secondary fines resulting from proppant-related operations, creating a cleaner, more pleasing workplace.


  • Chemically-inert nano-coating applied directly to the proppant

  • Easy-to-apply, cost-effective, permanent coating

  • Compatible with any fluid system

  • Proppant can be coated at any stage throughout the sand logistics chain


  • Protection from silica exposure can extend to the earliest stages of supply chain (after mining), not just during pumping operations

  • A vacuum system is not required, nor any other additional equipment

  • Lease operator is able to operate within a smaller footprint

  • Reduces the amount of airborne fines to which the surrounding environment is exposed

  • Increase the life of sensitive electronics and equipment