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TriVert™ products are temporary bridging agents designed to redirect fluids into different sections along the wellbore or deep within the fracture network. TriVert particles degrade completely with time and temperature, allowing the isolated zones of interest to produce without any further intervention or insoluble residue.

TriVert is designed to fit a wide variety of wellbore configurations, allowing for hydraulic fracturing operations in the most demanding conditions. TriVert can be custom-designed for linear, crosslinked, slick water, or acid applications, and is available in a wide range of particle sizes and temperature ranges to provide coverage for the most active resource plays. TriVert is available in acid soluble and insoluble options for increased treatment design flexibility.

Refracturing Solution

Often wells are under-stimulated, leaving untouched hydrocarbon reserves in the formation. TriVert is specifically designed to block dominating fractures from earlier stimulations, allowing for the redirection of fluid into previously untreated intervals. Post stimulation, TriVert will degrade, leaving both old and new fractures open to the well. These new fractures enable the operator to enhance hydrocarbon production from existing wells without costly intervention or giving up production from prior treatments.

Enhanced Stimulated Reservoir Volume

In new completions, TriVert can be used to enhance the stimulated reservoir volume by redirecting fluid from dominating perforations or fractures into under stimulated sections of the wellbore. Using a unique blend of particle sizes, TriVert enables larger particles to bridge off the fracture opening, while allowing the smaller particles to occupy the remaining voids. Applying this in a plug-and-perf completion allows for the increase in perforations that are being treated by directing fluid to clusters that may be closed. In an open hole completion, TriVert can direct the treatment from the lowest stress entry point of the rock into another area of the open hole section.

Offset Well Communication Mitigation

With the increase of infill wells and naturally-fractured reservoirs, operators are often faced with the risk of their fracture treatments communicating with offset wells. Offset well communication can lead to costly remediation and the potential for lost production time. TriVert’s proprietary blending of product allows it to get further into the fracture, diverting fluid away from offsets.

TriVert Advantages:

  • Applicable in new completions and recompletions
    • Maximizing stimulated reservoir volume in new completions
    • Extending the life of the well through recompletions
  • Excellent bridging agent
    • Forms a durable seal in less than 10 seconds on a 0.10 inch open slot/fracture
    • Redirects fluid into new sections of the wellbore
  • Operates over a broad temperature range (143°C (≥ 290°F))
    • Trivert 500: 71°C-93°C (160°F-200°F) 
    • Trivert 1000: 93°C-121°C (200°F-250°F) 
    • Trivert 1000 w/catalyzer: 46°C-71°C (115°F-160°F) 
  • Acid soluble and acid insoluble options available
  • Multiple particle size distribution to fit large variety of wellbore configurations
  • Compatible with aqueous fluid systems
  • Causes no formation damage; more than 98% regain permeability measured
    • Allows the isolated zone of interest to produce after treatment is
    • completed without further intervention