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Trican has developed acid solutions specifically designed to remove scale deposits in high temperature well applications, such as Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD). While SAGD has proven beneficial in terms of heavy oil production, it can result in formation damage, including:

1. Wax and asphaltenes (Organic deposition)

2. Calcium carbonate (Inorganic scaling)

3. Silicates (Inorganic scaling)

4. Accumulation of mobile formation fines

The formation damage produced by SAGD treatments can plug the path to the lower wellbore and prevent effective resource recovery.

Trican Thermal Acid System™

Trican’s highly effective Thermal Acid System™ consists of a proprietary blend that removes wax, asphaltenes, and calcium carbonate scaling. The system works by treating low API oil/ water emulsion; as a result, it enables the acid to reach and remediate scale deposits, while still protecting against corrosion. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other treatments.

Trican Thermoflex Acid System™

In the past, treatments using HCl (hydrochloric acid) have been successful in remediating inorganic scaling such as calcium carbonate, but leave the silicate and/or organic deposits behind. Trican’s Thermoflex Acid System™ has been specifically designed to target silicate scaling and mobile formation fines by using a unique blend of HCl and HF (hydrofluoric acid), as well as an inhibitor for corrosion protection.

Thermal Acid System and Thermoflex Acid System Combined

With consecutive treatments using the Thermal Acid System followed by the Thermoflex Acid System, all four types of formation damage (wax, asphaltenes, calcium carbonate, silicates, and mobile formation fines) can be remediated, providing a comprehensive wellbore cleanup for optimized resource recovery.